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Amazing design. Unrivalled craftsmanship. Superb engineering. Ultimate luxury. First shipyard to laminate with FRP.  Legacy of Fjord Brand since 1959.


Inspired by a strong passion for competition, the Fjord 36 open is the perfect combination of a performing hull and a clean and sophisticated design that has always been a trademark of designer Patrick Banfield. With the Fjord 36 open you will get an elegant, fast and safe powerboat merged with a spacious open deck, and a perfectly integrated cabin that is equipped with toilet, stove, refrigerator and king-size bed.

FJORD 36 MYTender

The FJORD 36 MY tender lives up to every expectation. Launched from the deck or picked up from its berth, you have a fast, comfortable and safe ride, hand crafted to top quality. Taking longer trips spontaneously is just as easy as taking all guests ashore in one tour. The first impression your guests receive of you and your yacht is your tender. It should be an extension of your style and compliment the yachting experience. Entering a harbour will be amazing if your tender is unique.


Imagine the stylishness of a luxury daycruiser combined with the excitement of an outboard-driven fun machine. The FJORD 36 xpress is the new boat sensation bringing both dreams together. Exhilarating driving pleasure, breathtaking dynamics achieving a new speed level two engine options from strong to extreme power: 2 x 300 hp or 2 x 350 hp driven by Mercury Verado outboards – superior torque across the entire performance range.


Need a crash course in uniqueness?
Time to get moving once again. You have always set new courses, you have never been interested in the “norm”, and you have never been afraid of the exceptional. That’s exactly why the Fjord 40 open is the power boat that will provide you with gratification unlike any you have yet to experience. You will also get a firsthand look at what the Open provides in addition to its striking design.


Creating the FJORD 42 open we were guided by our own visions only, ignoring all widespread ideas of what a boat looks like or how fast it can go.
Once you think differently, anything is possible!
Extreme speed goes hand in hand with high safety.
A bold provocative design can be elegant and classy, at the same time. Very generous dimensions are accompanied by a very simple handling. This vessel is a thoroughbred powerboat, yet it offers the perfect place for a whole weekend and more.
We are proud to share the excitement about the FJORD 42 open with other independent minds – our owners.
Welcome to the uniqueness!


You will be the envy of all your fellow boaters when you arrive onboard your FJORD 48 Open. Even in the most exclusive harbors.Invite as many guests as you wish.They will find plenty of room to relax and share your enthusiasm.
Create an even more comfortable setting by converting the seats into spacious lounge pads.Go for a swim at anchor or have fun on your tender which stows neatly in your tender bay.