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OUR yacht is a unique mind and hand craft combining complexity and craftsmanship, design inspiration, state of the art techniques, sophisticated and most advanced technology and the essence of power.

Your yacht is the ultimate status symbol, representing your achievements, knowledge, generosity and lifestyle.

Yacht’s Ownership Integrated Assistance Operations

  • Marketing

  • Market intelligence

  • Demonstration

  • Customization

  • Delivery

  • Commissiong

  • Warranty

  • Management

  • Maintenance

  • Equipment installation

  • Upgrades

  • Refit

  • Paper work (custom clearances, Insurances etc)


Of the maximum quality
At the minimum time
Thus at the minimum cost


  • Offshore

  • Marina

  • Land


  • On demand

  • Scheduled

  • Full time

Always keeping up to date for new processes, techniques and materials. It is a great reward for us to push further and improve our methods and invent new designs, products and services.