About Us

Who we are

We are flexible, resilient and solid, in a word “Dynamic”.

  • Dynamic Boats.-
  • A family owned company.-
  • Established in 1980 by Dimitris Tzalavras.-
  • Made in Greece.-
What we do

Our strategic goal is the Happy User, to achieve that you must be a Satisfied Owner and a Confident Operator.

  • Sales of new and used boats and yachts.-
  • Boat’s maintenance.-
  • Boat’s storage and parking.-
  • Dealerships.-
How we do it

Delivering our activities efficiently ensuring maximum benefits for our customers through:

  • Our experience gained over time but always refined and enriched.-
  • Uninterrupted hard work.-
  • Love for boats and innovation.-

Core Values

  • Trust.-
  • Integrity.-
  • Sovereignty.-


  • Horizon Yachts founded by John Lu in 1987, on Kaohsiung Taiwan.
  • Since 1999 we are co operating with Horizon Yachts.
  • Horizon Yachts is the most respectful luxurious yacht builder in Asia and worldwide.
  • From 2011 and on we are the exclusive dealer of Horizon Yachts for Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.


  • All success stories begin with a challenge, and we are no exception. In 1960 there was nothing but sea and a distant horizon before us: as we saw things, that could never do.
  • Se we rolled up our sleeves and set our brains to work, and that’s how Fiart was born. The acronym stands for ‘Fabbriche Italiane per l’Applicazione di Resine Termoindurenti’. At 3.6 metres, our forst fiberglass boat, Conchita, was indeed rather small. Almost nothing, when measured against the span of our history to date.
  • Our heart is set on every yacht we create. Every time we make a new one, we like to think of it as our own. We are passionate about details, down to the last finishing touch: for over fifty years, this has been our driving mission.
  • For people that get the boat/home concept that only Fiart Mare manages to deliver on despite its model’s sportiness: craft with unexpectedly large volumes and ingeniously utilised and designed surface areas, to which the yard also brings a standard of personalisation that guarantees each owner not just a boat but a Fiart Mare of their own.


In 1954 Charles Carter and George Verhagen began building mahogany-planked, high-speed runabouts in a garage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What started as a hobby soon turned into a business as word quickly spread about the two fledgling builders and the high quality of their boats. Combining the first three letters of their last names, the Carver Boat Company was born.
Two years later, the entrepreneurs moved their growing business to Northeast, Wisconsin to take advantage of the area’s dedicated work force and excellent transportation facilities. They built mahogany runabout boats throughout the 1960s, and then added cabin cruisers to their expanding line. In the 1970s, the switch was made to fiberglass, with additional advances that included larger, twin inboard powered cabin cruiser designs culminating in the successful 33’ Mariner.
By the 1980s, Carver had been acquired by new owners that enabled the company to expand sales beyond the Great Lakes region and truly become a recognized leader in the luxury motor yacht market on a national scale. In fact, the Carver aft cabinmotor yacht was first introduced during this period and became synonymous with the Carver brand.
The 1990’s also witnessed the introduction of the elegant and upscale Voyagerlong-range cruiser series as well as the Montego series of stern drive cruisers. In 2000, the largest Carver Yacht was introduced—the 57’ Voyager Pilothouse.
Today, Carver Yachts continues to lead the industry in creating spacious, highly functional, and dependable world-class cruising vessels. From 34’ to 52’, Carver Command Bridge and Coupe models are setting new standards for design and performance that are redefining what a cruising yacht should be.


The key ingredients for keeping our company on top.

  • Total respect to the clients and absolute privacy.
  • Representing only a few and high quality shipyards.
  • Long lasting exclusive cooperation with our partners.
  • Offering realistic and competitive prices in all of our products and services.
  • Unbroken presentation in the global yacht market since 1980.


We see business different.

It is a rule that business environment is constantly changing, that is why we run our operations weatherproof.

Meaning that you will find us always here and have a responsible person to talk  to.

SINCE 1980

Sales are our main activity which is flawlessly connected and facilitating the core of our business “perfect yacht user experience“.

In order to provide ultimate experience, we have also established, first in the Greek market, a delivery and maintenance centre since 1984.

We are able to facilitate after sales services in house and always under our supervision.

We protect and secure the best interest of our assets; you.


Everywhere, Everytime, Everyway

Dynamic Boats professional team is always for you.


A Family Company Made In Greece.

We do it different; the Dynamic Way.

Considering yachts as the ultimate luxury entity, always mastering in the components and services.

We know yachts.