🇬🇷✅Another 2022 new delivery; the #6 Fiart 39 Seawalker with triple Mercury 900hp, at Dynamic Boats delivery center.

Welcome to the fleet.

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Very proud to welcome one more unit into Greek waters.

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…and they keep coming!

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Fiart 39SW

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Number Driven Facts

  • Length:
    • 12,60 m
  • Beam:
    • 3,86 m Massive space
  • T-Top:
    • 7 sq.m.
  • Platform:
    • 3,80 m x 1,80 m
  • Speed:
    • up to 45kn
  • Fuel Capacity – Class Leader -:
    • 1.560 l gasoline
    • 3xSS fuel tanks
    • 100l diesel
  • Fresh Water Capacity – Class Leader -:
    • 620l
  • Capacities – Class Leader -:
    • 12 pax
    • 12.861 kgr (fully loaded)!
    • 8.070 kgr (empty)
  • CE Classification:
    • Offshore
    • 8 Beauforts
    • 4 m significant wave height
  • Interior Height – Class Leader -:
    • 2,05 m in head
    • 2,05 m in the master cabin
    • 2,05 m in the sitting area
    • 1,80 m in the guest cabin
  • Full Digital Jacket
    • 31 channels (standard) to control your vessel from your smart device local or remote via VPN
  • Safety
    • 1 automatic fire extinguishing system for engine room
    • Heat resistant insulation in the engine room
    • 5 electric automatic bilge pumps
    • 5 Electronic solid-state water level switches for bilge pumps
    • Bilge pump activation alarm
    • Bilge pump always on
    • Bilge pump auto/man/off
    • 20kgr anchor +75m chain 13mm
    • 2kw anchor winch
  • Propulsion
    • Mercury
    • Skyhook
    • State of the art engines

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Fiart offers:
  • Authentic Innovative design.
  • Clean Lines.
  • Highest-quality construction.
  • Italian finesse and craftsmanship.
  • Diesel or Gas.
  • IPS, Stern drive or Outboards.
  • Unique performance.
  • Low consumption.
  • Excellent cruising. In cruising a second wing does not lose its course.
  • Stability.
  • Maximum security.
  • No spray.
  • Walk around deck.
  • It captures the look.
  • Ability to carry passengers easily and comfortably.
  • Very spacious interiors with ± 2m height !!!
  • Possibility to use as an accompaniment on a larger boat.
  • Το Fiart 43SW (45,5′ – 13,84m)
  • Το Fiart 39SW (41,5′ – 12,61m)
  • Το Fiart 35SW (38′ – 11,56m)
Το Fiart Seawalker σας μεταφέρει γρήγορα, με άνεση, ασφάλεια και στυλ, εσάς, την οικογένειά σας και τους φίλους σας σε οποιοδήποτε προορισμό επιθυμούν κοντινό ή μακρινό. Με εξωλέμβιες ή Έσω/Έξω ή IPS
  • Fiart Seawalker μεταξύ άλλων προσφέρει:
  • Καινοτόμα σχεδίαση – Καθαρές Γραμμές
  • Υψηλής ποιότητας κατασκευή
  • Ιταλική φινέτσα και δεξιοτεχνία
  • Βενζίνη ή Diesel
  • Sterndrive – IPS – Outboard
  • Μοναδικές επιδόσεις
  • Χαμηλή κατανάλωση
  • Άριστη πλεύση
  • Σταθερότητα
  • Μέγιστη ασφάλεια
  • Καθόλου spray
  • Walk around deck
  • Αιχμαλωτίζει το βλέμμα
  • Δυνατότητα μεταφοράς έως 12 επιβατών εύκολα και άνετα
  • Πολύ ευρύχωροι εσωτερικοί χώροι με 2,15μ ύψος!!!
  • Δυνατότητα για χρήση ως συνοδευτικό σε μεγαλύτερο σκάφος
  • Πολλά ακόμη καινοτόμα χαρακτηριστικά

Verado 300hp 4.6L V8

For boaters who refuse to compromise, Mercury V8 250 and 300hp Verado® outboards represent the pinnacle of superior outboard design and performance. They deliver exhilarating acceleration and top speed, with the power and reliability to make runs over long distances and choppy water. The Mercury-exclusive Advanced MidSection (AMS) and under-cowl noise management set the standard for smooth, quiet operation, for the ultimate, most satisfying on-water experience.

Intuitive, Innovative Features
Exceptionally Smooth & Quiet

The rugged Advanced MidSection (AMS) mounting system cradles the powerhead to isolate vibration, while expert tuning minimizes engine noise and optimizes the sound quality for a more enjoyable boating experience.

Effortless Operation

Mercury Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) controls deliver smooth, quiet shifting and instant throttle response, with zero hesitation. Advanced electro-hydraulic steering enhances the driving experience at all speeds, providing complete control and confident handling wherever the water takes you.

Joystick Piloting for Outboards

The industry’s most advanced Joystick Piloting system makes maneuvering in tight spaces as simple as nudging the joystick whichever direction you want the boat to go. The SmartCraft system takes it from there, providing unparalleled low-speed control for easy, confident docking.

Adaptive Speed Control

The Adaptive Speed Control (ASC) feature lets you maintain engine rpm despite changes in load or conditions. Climbing large swells is easier. Cruising at low speeds is smoother. Carving out tight turns is effortless. You just point the bow toward your destination, and Verado takes it from there.

Advanced Sound Control

Choose the sound that moves you with the industry-exclusive Advanced Sound Control feature. It lets you toggle between a whisper-quiet exhaust tone or a throatier growl at startup and idle, for those times you truly want to hear the horsepower.

Refined Power

V8 Verado outboards generate ample torque from class-leading 4.6L displacement, making easy work of powering your boat out of the hole and on plane, while delivering instant throttle response.

Quiet & Smooth

Industry-leading technologies that minimize noise, vibration and harshness ensure that all Verado outboards deliver an unsurpassed boating experience that delights the senses without overpowering them. From idle to cruise to wide-open throttle, V8 Verado outboards are quieter than all other outboards in class.

Exceptional Fuel Economy

Verado outboards are calibrated to deliver full performance on 87-octane fuel, with a host of efficiency-enhancing features such as a hydrodynamic gearcase, closed-loop fuel system and Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) that help extend your range on the water.

V8 300hp Verado

12-15% More Torque vs Competitor 300hp

Acceleration: 20% QUICKER V8 300hp Verado vs Competitor 300hp

Fuel Economy: 8% BETTER FUEL ECONOMY V8 300hp Verado vs Competitor 300hp

Verado Advantage

Legendary Power: Even with heavy loads or in tough conditions, V8 Verado outboards barely break a sweat. Their impressive 4.6 liters of displacement make easy work of powering boats out of the hole and up to speed.

Extended Range: Make the joy last longer. Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) calibration enables you to go farther on every outing by precisely adjusting fuel delivery for the best possible efficiency at cruise.

Smoother and Quieter: Verado engine designs virtually eliminate transmission of vibration to the boat, while acoustic engineering not only prevents harsh noises, but it also tunes the engine for an optimal, pleasant boating experience.

Corrosion Resistance: Advanced alloys. Durable coatings. Sealed electronics. Easy-to-use freshwater flush system. Verado outboards come packed with premium corrosion-preventive technology that enables them to stand up to the most demanding marine environments.


Engine type

Displacement (CID/CC)
279 CID

Displacement (L)

Cylinder Configuration
V8 [64 degree] with Dual Overhead Cam [DOHC] and 32-valves

Full throttle RPM

Alternator amp / Watt
115-amp (1449 Watt) with Idle Charge

Electric Start with SmartStart Protection

Integrated Electro-Hydraulic Power-Steering

Shaft length
20″ / 508 mm
25″ / 635 mm
30″ / 762 mm

Gearcase ratio
1.75:1 / 1.85:1

Dry weight *Lightest model available
600 lbs / 272 kgs

Trim system
Power trim and tilt

SmartCraft. The Power To Do More.

Mercury® SmartCraft® digital technologies refine the entire boating experience to ensure every day on the water reaches its full potential. From intelligent gauges and displays to advanced systems that make boat control easy, SmartCraft gives you the power to do more with your time on the water.


Digital Throttle & Shift

Verado outboards come standard with Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) controls that deliver smooth, quiet shifting and instant throttle response, with zero hesitation. With integrated SmartCraft technologies and an intuitive user interface, DTS puts you in complete command of your adventures.

Joystick Piloting for Outboards

Available for multi-engine, Verado-powered boats, Joystick Piloting for Outboards offers fingertip control of throttle, shift and steering so you can dock and maneuver precisely, safely and with confidence. Move sideways, diagonally or spin the boat on its own axis with total control in wind or current.


VesselView® displays transform the helm of the boat into the ultimate command center by linking together the Mercury propulsion system with compatible onboard accessories. You can monitor engine data, control SmartCraft digital technologies, view charts and sonar, and even operate onboard entertainment systems all from one intuitive touchscreen interface.

Active Trim

Active Trim makes boating easier and more enjoyable by automatically trimming outboard engines. It simplifies boat operation while improving engine performance and decreasing fuel costs.

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Welcome to the fleet.

#unboxing #unwrapping

#metaluxury #metayachts
#autonomousyachts #electricyachts #recycleyachts
#digitaltwin #3Dpintedyachts
#microindustry #edgeindustry
#spacetime #lifestyle
Χαμηλή κατανάλωση
Άριστη πλεύση
Μέγιστη ασφάλεια
Καθόλου spray
Walk around deck
Αιχμαλωτίζει το βλέμμα
Δυνατότητα μεταφοράς έως 12 επιβατών εύκολα και άνετα
Πολύ ευρύχωροι εσωτερικοί χώροι με 2,15μ ύψος!!!
Δυνατότητα για χρήση ως συνοδευτικό σε μεγαλύτερο σκάφος
Πολλά ακόμη καινοτόμα χαρακτηριστικά

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