Horizon’s Fast Displacement Series may be most recognizable for its exterior styling, but it is what lies beneath the waterline that sets this series apart

Designed in collaboration with Cor D. Rover, Horizon’s Fast Displacement (FD) Series of motoryachts and superyachts is nothing short of head-turning, thanks in part to the oversized windows, voluminous interior, and well-planned entertaining spaces wrapped in a stylish package. While the exterior styling of this pioneering series—first introduced at the 2016 Taiwan International Boat Show —attracts attention, it is the hull platform and proprietary bow design that sets the series apart from similarly-styled yachts.

The FD Series’ hull features both hard and soft chines—a hard chine at the bow to increase lift force and a soft chine midship and aft to reduce resistance. A well-designed tunnel aft further reduces resistance and decreases draft. The sharp underwater bow protrusion cuts through currents with ease and reduces the entrance angle of the bow wave while increasing waterline length. This enhances ride comfort in head seas by damping the motion and improving hydrodynamic performance across the board. The HPPB design also features a long skeg that offers a longer lateral underwater surface area and yields excellent directional stability.

Efficiency and performance must accompany style in yacht design, and such aspects formed the basis of the design conversation as the Fast Displacement series evolved to include new models. Comprised of a hybrid hull shape and tunnel design, Horizon’s High Performance Piercing Bow (HPPB) delivers a shallow draft, more comfortable ride, lower resistance and excellent stability in comparison to a traditional fast displacement, hard-chine hull design.

CFD and tank testing of the HPPB design resulted in across-the-board hydrodynamic improvements over a traditional design. While alternative bow designs that feature protrusions work efficiently at either high or slower speeds, the HPPB delivers lower resistance and a smooth transition in all speed ranges, bringing both efficiency at slower speeds and performance at higher speeds.

Returning from a 5242nm journey from Taiwan to Australia aboard his brand new yacht, the owner of the FD85 JULIND said, “Although we encountered some reasonably rough seas upwards of 5 meters, the FD85 is a unbelievable sea vessel. She came into her own and performed flawlessly. The combination the FD hull along with the lighter superstructure and the stabilizer is a fantastic outcome.”

The success of the HPPB is a milestone for Horizon’s highly trained and experienced research team as they continue their efforts to innovate. First implemented on the FD85 and FD87 Skyline models, the HPPB design is now standard for the FD Series – further proving these luxury yachts as truly revolutionary. See the FD87 and the HPPB in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqe5VKg0GOY