Cetera 60′

The very first Multispace yacht ever.


A true change of course.

We create watercraft for those who live for the sea. And it is the very sea that inspired us to achieve something that is as simple as it is unique and uncompromising.

Many call it a revolution, we call it Multispace.

We have consciously chosen not to follow the current. The result is a yacht that, through our innovative concept, rises above mere trend and luxury.

A vessel that can make every single second precious, one that is appointed with attention to every last detail, from design to performance, ensuring that those who live for the sea can truly feel free.

We are proud to introduce ourselves.

This is us, our ideas, our passion.

We are Cetera.


Cetera: easy, cozy and spacious

60 ft

Based on the vertical reallocation of space, the extraordinary and innovative layout system enhances livability and comfort on board while creating more living areas.

Beauty that should be shared

Designed to accommodate friends and family, featuring social areas where you can experience unforgettable times in complete privacy.

28 kn

Efficient engines ensure high performance and smooth sailing that’s also cost-effective.

Cetera 60′

Multispace yacht

A 60 ft. yacht with much more space than a typical 60’.
It’s not magic, it’s design.

Math is not a guesstimate.

And neither is comfort.

Don’t call it luxury. It’s true freedom.

Vertical reallocation of space

Designed like a one-story villa, the Cetera 60′ Multispace yacht takes inspiration from its layout, locating all living areas on a single deck.

Admire the panoramic view

Savor every sunset. The Cetera 60’s expansive windows offer a full view and facilitate interaction between all areas of the Multispace yacht.

Aim high

Tired of tight cabins with low ceilings, we maximized their height to offer you oversized dimensions featuring more space and more comfort.

Cetera 60′.Find out what makes a Multispace yacht unique.

We believe that ‘unique’ is a somewhat overused term. Only those who create something completely new should be able to use it.

We can.

And we will show you why.

Distributed equipment

Machinery and equipment are located in their own dedicated spaces, which ensures easy inspection and maintenance.

All in one

While other yachts in the same category typically offer a choice between crew cabins, laundry or tender garage on the lower deck, Cetera 60′ has all three.

Panoramic view

Giving it a transparent look, the side windows on the Multispace may be left open or closed. An innovative vehicle-inspired system controls both the opening and closing of the windshield and side windows to ensure convenient, user-friendly handling.

A design made for the waves

The yacht boasts a well-balanced layout with stairways between the salon and staterooms that are not disruptive, devoting more space to living areas.

Social areas

Two large interior salons and two exterior spaces, at the bow and stern, offer a variety of social settings with complete privacy to fully experience your excursion with family or friends.

A bridge between traditional and modern

With the addition of another deck, which is not at all available on yachts of the same size, the Cetera 60′ provides even more living space

Acoustic comfort

Located far from the engine room, the Cetera 60′ staterooms are sheltered from noise and vibration, leaving the Multispace yacht’s sleeping areas in complete silence when it’s time to relax.

Farewell to the flybridge

On the Cetera 60′, we abandoned the concept of the flybridge in favor of an openable and closable deck.


All guest accommodations are located mid-yacht on the main deck, ensuring even more interior space.


We also took the captain’s comfort into consideration, designing the wheelhouse like a terrace, showcasing a 360° panoramic view of the sea.

Enjoy the world as you see it

The bow boasts a dedicated lounge with a spectacular panoramic view, featuring high bulkheads that still provide all the privacy you need, even when the Multispace is moored.

Straight line access

The central passageway and the exterior companionways provide direct access to the open aft deck, which is a unique feature in yachts of up to 80 ft.

Key Factors

  • Sea level Beach club style cockpit.
  • Double height skylighted main lobby (connecting two decks).
  • Owner + Guest cabins w/full height panoramic windows.
  • Silent main deck.
  • Fore main deck cockpit for living and dining.
  • Openable Upper Deck w/american style galley and unexpected Dining Area for 8.
  • Crew Quarter spaces comparable to larger category of yachts.
  • Huge technical Compartments + Storage.
  • Naval architect + designer: Francesco Guida

Technical specifications

  • Overall Length – LOA: 18,28m / 60ft
  • Waterline Length – LWL: 15,74m / 51.64ft
  • Maximum Beam – BMAX: 5,48m / 18ft
  • Accomodation: 3 cabins + 3 bathrooms + crew
  • Maximum speed: 23 kn
  • Cruise speed: 20 kn
  • Engines: x 2 Volvo Penta IPS 700

Cetera Multispace 1 – Space 0

The yacht that defies the rules of space.

When we came up with the concept of Cetera, we thought of it as an evolution from the classic cruising yachts.

Thanks to the innovative Multispace layout, we succeeded in creating a new yacht category, which represents a major breakthrough in terms of design, comfort and efficiency.

In fact, Cetera 60′ offers 146 sqm/1572 sq. ft. of space, 30 sqm/323 sq. ft. more as compared to yachts of the same size.

This achievement was possible by efficiently reorganizing the existing space. It is the result of the team effort by engineers, designers and many other professionals who share the very same passion: a true love for the sea.

A winning solution: Stretched livability

The underlying concept of the Multispace yacht design and what makes it unique, as compared to competitors, is Stretched Livability.

The result is a yacht that features areas boasting complete privacy through the efficient use of space, from the extreme end of the bow to the extreme end of the stern.

Our goal was to design the layout of our 60 ft. yacht much like a larger superyacht.

Designating specific functions for each and every deck enabled us to obtain significant results in terms of efficient distribution of space and quality of onboard life.

A new perspective: The vertical reallocation of space

We have made a profound change to the seafaring lifestyle. And we did it by looking at yachts from a different perspective, a vertical one.

Through vertical reallocation of space, Cetera relocated the equipment areas, laundry, crew cabin and tender garage to the lower deck.

Conversely, the staterooms have been moved to the main deck, compacting this dedicated area lengthwise and expanding it to maximum beam to create incredibly comfortable, airy and light-filled staterooms.

This process gave us the opportunity to create much larger living areas and offer the comfort of two private cockpits.

Acoustic comfort: savor the sound of the waves

To accentuate one of the most magnificent sounds in the world, the sea in motion, we set our sights on restoring prestige and silence to the staterooms. Locating them in the ‘silent zone’ of the yacht, far from the engine room and generator where noise and vibration are also substantially reduced, we succeeded in reaching high levels of acoustic comfort in spaces that are cloaked in complete silence and conducive to complete relaxation.

Hidden treasure: the tender garage

The tender garage is hidden beneath the Multispace’s stern sundeck and can easily stow a Jet Tender.Fully detached from the engine room and other areas on the lower deck, the berth is hidden beneath a molded cover.

Easy to access and use, the tender garage does not extend over the deck, as it is located on the same level as the bridge, making tender hauling and launching smooth and easy via the small built-in crane.

3 decks: Technical, Main, and Upper

Unlike a yacht with a typical flybridge, the living and dining areas on the Cetera Multispace are split between the main and upper decks, reclaiming a good 5 sqm/54 sq. ft. of livable space.

Our especially intuitive designers achieved this by choosing to create an additional deck, which is utterly lacking on other yachts of this size.

And this particular structural improvement provides an enormous of additional space to the staterooms.

But we didn’t just stop there. We also decided to make the forward cockpit even more habitable, offering yet another living area.

We also embraced innovation when it comes to yacht construction.

The three decks were built separately and then assembled afterward. Likewise.

Vertical reallocation doesn’t just mean maximizing space, but also lowering the costs of production and decreasing delivery time.

This is the Cetera concept of Easy Boating.


The sea, aka il mare, in Bacoli has a host of stories and legends to tell.

Cetera’s story is one such saga, tracing the roots of its name to the ancient vessels of the Roman fleet, which was renowned for its speed.

The Cetera name also has close ties to its homeland. In the shipyard of the historical and highly prominent company Fiart, we work hard to demonstrate just how much Made in Italy is a crucial factor when it comes to yachts.

It is the very emblem that encapsulates the high quality engineering of ancient Roman vessels and the modern creativity of the best Italian designers, representing the hallmark of research and innovation in yachting.

This is Cetera.

Easy boating

Every last space, every last detail, every last second spent on our Multispace was designed to make our yachting experience even more enjoyable.

The greatest added advantage of Cetera?

Every last detail of our yachts was designed to meet the needs of an experienced yacht owner.

A yacht owner who seeks out the best, one that won’t settle for less.

Why settle when you have a choice?


  • Innovation
    We believe we can change the yachting and seafaring lifestyle by focusing on what really counts: the people.
  • Unity
    We believe in diversity and know that our differences are the starting point for future progress. It is for this reason that we craft unique products, based on our desire to contribute to global growth.
  • Simplicity
    We believe in the revolutionary value of simplicity, achieved through skill and the capacity to come up with cutting-edge solutions and products.
  • Excellence
    We believe in excellence. One of our guiding principles is the pursuit of perfection, but we still do our best to remember that we are all human.
  • Sustainability
    We believe in respecting our fellow human beings and our environment. And we constantly strive to remain aware that the future depends on the way we build today.


“There’s a place in Bacoli that is much more than a shipyard. It’s a place where engineers and shipbuilders come together, brilliant minds and highly capable hands that share a true love for the sea. It’s a place that is devoted to construction, innovation and to meeting challenges.

This place is called Fiart.

Thanks to the font of
expertise at the Fiart shipyard and technical innovation of the best designers and engineers, our projects took shape.

It was there that the concept of Multispace came to life through the work of skillful hands, vigilant eyes and brilliant minds. A forum for dialogue and continual growth, which enabled us to build an unprecedented yacht.

Don’t just show up, live life to the fullest.

We know that every individual brings unique experience to the table that also makes them unique in the world. We continuously strive for that uniqueness. We reflect, design and develop yachts that make dreams come true, fulfill wishes and meet the expectations of those who decide not to conform to the latest trends but choose to feel truly free.

Ad maiora!

Designing yachts is an opportunity to broaden our horizons and better understand ourselves, the people and the world surrounding us by traveling. We don’t want it to pass us by, we want to enjoy life to the fullest by experiencing it, savoring it and really living.

We are a part of this planet

We are an integral part of an ecosystem and we always act and work with this principle in mind. We respect every form of life and revere the beauty of our planet by sailing its waters. Nature is an invaluable asset. Our duty is to protect it and our privilege is to admire it at close range. Cetera believes in the pursuit of building exceptional yachts that will stand the test of time, protecting natural resources, and practicing eco-sustainability, so that we can properly play our role with the environment through the marketplace.

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We are FIART specialists.

Since 1980 Always Ahead.


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