In 1960 the engineer Ruggiero di Luggo founded FIART.

FIART is an acronym which means “Fabbriche Italiane per l’Applicazione delle Resine Termoindurenti – Italian Factory for the Application of Thermoplastic Resins”, do you know why? Engineer di Luggo has created a small but revolutionary boat of 3,60 m, Conchita, which is the first fiberglass boat in Europe and his primacy has marked the entire company philosophy.

The sensation of the sea, it could be the most captivating way of perception. The sea can be gentle and mild but also deep and thrilling.

It can open routes. It can open hearts and it has the power to shape the course of a story.

Like most pioneers, Ruggiero Di Luggo’s vision started with a spark: turning his passion for the sea into a breathtaking lifestyle.

That’s how Fiart was born.

Since the very beginning, we have specialized in the manufacturing of motorboats that set themselves apart for their extraordinary detailing and unrivaled space optimization.

Today, we’ve been carrying on our founder’s visionary spirit onto the routes of the present, so that true sea lovers can be free to unleash their emotions. We want them to enjoy life to the fullest.

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