Fjord 44 Open


LOA: 13,45 m
Beam: 4,27 m
Fuel: 900 l
Water: 300 l
Displ.: 9,9 t
CE : Offshore
Speed: 42 knots
Engines: 2x Volvo Penta IPS500
Option: 2x Volvo Penta IPS600
Design: Allseas Design – Fjord


Be prepared for an unprecedented driving experience!
The FJORD 44 open is an overwhelming source of the most intense feelings – evoked by her trend-setting appearance, her exhilarating power and her countless amenities spread all over the yacht.
Go for a spontaneous jaunt to the neighbouring coves.
Take some friends on a laid-back chill-out on the open sea. Arrive at a vibrant summer party in style – or be the host of one. Driving this iconic masterpiece, you can be yourself – and when being yourself, you are unique.


The FJORD 44 open offers all the amenities you need to spoil your guests.
They would like to sunbathe? Convert the seats into cosy sun pads. Anyone for champagne? It’s being chilled in the fridge. What about a swim in the sea? The lowerable bathing platform features a secure ladder and a free-standing shower. For even more water fun, just get your water toys out of the garage located underneath the benches.


You will feel both invited and impressed each time you enter the owner’s cabin, since it masterfully merges contemporary taste with magnetic elegance. The interior is brightly illuminated by multiple sources of natural light – portlights, a hull window and a skylight with opening hatch. In the en suite head every detail has been carefully considered for the most comfortable living – including a separated shower and shower seat.


There is a place in the Bay of Pozzuoli that is not only a dockyard.

It’s a place where engineers and shipwrights, brilliant minds and skillful hands come together.

Love for the sea is what they share. It’s a place devoted to creation, inventiveness and challenge.

This place is called Fiart.


Taking care of every single detail means having a deep love for your own work and an unbounded respect for the people who work and share the same passion for Fiart.

Such fondness draws up our Code of Ethics, a set of rights, duties and rules inspired by righteousness, honesty, loyalty, transparency and a high respect for professionalism.

The Code deals with internal relationships as well as third parties: suppliers’, consultants and collaborators.


All success stories begin with a challenge, and we are no exception. In 1960 there was nothing but sea and a distant horizon before us: as we saw things, that could never do.

Se we rolled up our sleeves and set our brains to work, and that’s how Fiart was born. The acronym stands for ‘Fabbriche Italiane per l’Applicazione di Resine Termoindurenti’. At 3.6 metres, our forst fiberglass boat, Conchita, was indeed rather small. Almost nothing, when measured against the span of our history to date.

And yet it is thanks to her, and to later models such as the Sagittario that Italians stopped simply gazing at the sea, and took to seamanship. In a short lapse of time, boating became popular and widespread, and Italy a little more light-hearted.

Our boats today are much larger than Conchita and are fitted with advanced engines and equipment, and can range far and wide. The world has changed, and we must follow suit.

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