Fjord 48 Open


You will be the envy of all your fellow boaters when you arrive onboard your FJORD 48 Open. Even in the most exclusive harbors. Invite as many guests as you wish.They will find plenty of room to relax and share your enthusiasm.
Create an even more comfortable setting by converting the seats into spacious lounge pads. Go for a swim at anchor or have fun on your tender which stows neatly in your tender bay.


Seductive. Glamourous. Extravagant.
The FJORD 48 open is a bold statement of independence and a symbol of success wherever she appears.
Designer Patrick Banfield masterfully implemented the iconic FJORD hull shape to the size of 48 feet. Anything about her is reduced to the essential, brought to the best and outside the mainstream. When first impression counts, this inimitable powerboat always delivers.


The FJORD 48 open makes you understand how the word „breathtaking“ was born. Two Volvo IPS600 engines easily lift the bow from the water. If you prefer to get thrilled by the extreme, take the 1.300 horsepower version with three engines, boosting the speed up to 40 knots. The FJORD 48 open is the ultimate powerboat and makes no secret of it – time to outrun the ordinary!


Imagine the vigorous signature design of a FJORD powerboat in a size that takes liveability onboard to another level. Fancy a FJORD with pure luxury, raw power and ample space. The boat you are dreaming of is the FJORD 48 open!
Go island-hopping over a couple of days. Set-out for a long-distance cruise and take all the joys of cutting-edge powerboating with you. The FJORD 48 open features everything your heart desires: Two vast double cabins, space for a tender boat and a hull construction so solid you can safely move outside coastal waters.
What else do you need to celebrate a unique life?


The FJORD 48 open was designed for speed boating. But docking her is part of the fun, too! The finely tuned joystick control ensures you can move her 48 feet very precisely. Needless to say that everything else onboard can be handled with the same ease, thanks to hydraulic and electric support.


Discover a new dimension of sharing your vibrant lifestyle with family and friends. The lavishly large sundeck at the stern is an irresistable invitation to stretch out in the sun. And when the sun goes down, it provides the most coveted party location at any place you drop anchor. Finest materials touch everybody´s senses, and all amenities your guests could wish for are within easy reach. Exceptional seakeeping makes sure everyone stays relaxed during the whole cruise.


When the day is over, the FJORD 48 open continues to excite. Two impeccably styled double cabins offer the perfect retreat to get inspired and relaxed at the same time. The interior is furnished with surfaces so noble your hands wish to feel them. Headroom, berth size and storage room go beyond your previous ideas of a powerboat. Get below deck and feel the atmosphere of privacy, space, purism and elegance!


Switch on the LED mood lighting to immerse the deck and the water around in tempting colours. Let your FJORD be unique at night and generate a vibrant party location for you and your friends. At the push of a button, you will create an atmosphere captivating everyone: the few lucky ones onboard and those enviously watching from outside.
On this powerboat, late night can be the most intense time of day.
the stylish dashboard always catches the eye – day and night


Facts: Builds yachts from 24’ to 60’. First shipyard to laminate with FRP in late 1950. Amazing design. 5 axis CNC milling machine. Lamination through vacuum infusion technology. CATIA CAE/CAM software. In 2006 introduced a new design which changed yachting world for ever. State of the art materials usage. Fully automated robotic carpentry. Legacy of Fjord Brand.


Our options at your choice
Due to the impressing range of special gadgets, smart devices, useful details and engine options, individualising your FJORD 48 open can be as enjoyable as driving her.

The FJORD 48 open is sure to be to your liking whilst maintaining incredible uniqueness.
You choose the colours and the furnishings all the way down to the type of cushioning.

One thing is clear: you are in possession of something one-of-a-kind.

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