✅In the era of LIGO* we have to offer more!

✔️ MyFjord Security Cloud ✔️ MySealine Security Cloud

1️⃣ Boat Monitoring
Owners see on their mobile phone📲 information of the boat and alarms.

2️⃣ Digital Logbook 
When signal is available the system sends 📡 the stored boat data to the cloud.

3️⃣ Digital Service Book
HanseYachts AG is the first company who launches a digital service booklet for every yacht.

  • System can be installed on all boats ordered after the 1st of July
  • On the security cloud we will be able to launch different Apps
  • Apps can be used by Owner on mobile phones
  • Apple’s iOS ecosystem
  • Alphabet’s Google Android ecosystem
  • Apps are visible in the Owners Area 
  • Retrofitting is possible
  • Upcoming Apps will be available in your MIS too!
✔️ Safer boats
✔️ Happier ownership
✔️ Coolest gadgets in the industry
✔️Breaking Rules, Setting Trends
*LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) is one of the most sophisticated scientific instruments and marvels of engineering ever built. LIGO is able to detect a change in distance between its mirrors 1/10.000th the diameter of a proton! This is equivalent to measuring the distance to the nearest star (± 4,2 ly) to an accuracy smaller than the width of a human hair!

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