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High Performance Piercing Bow (HPPB): Efficient Cruising Performance

The HORIZON FD87 features a High Performance Piercing Bow (HPPB) designed by the Horizon engineering team in consultation with Cor D. Rover.

This design, in conjunction with the hybrid hull shape and tunnel design delivers a shallow draft, more comfortable ride, lower resistance and excellent stability. This design saw across-the-board hydrodynamic improvements in both tank and CFD testing. While alternative bow designs that feature protrusions work more efficiently at either high or slower speeds, the HPPB brings both efficiency at slower speeds and performance at higher speeds.

Horizon’s new High Performance Piercing Bow coupled with an enclosed bridge and collaborative design between Cor D. Rover

The High Performance Piercing Bow is not only designed for high efficiency but also for a greater hull speed. The submersed sharp bow under water makes it easier to cut through underwater currents, so the HORIZON FD87’s HPPB increases the length of the waterline and reduces the entrance angle of the bow wave. This also enhances ride comfort in head seas by damping the motion while benefitting the hydrodynamic performance across the board.