Horizon: Growing the Crafts of Yacht Building One of the core components of the Horizon Group and a major key to our 26 years of success is the number of skilled and dedicated employees on our team;we offer experienced technicians and carpenters – some

that can even be called masters – as well as a professional design department and customer service team. In order to cultivate experience in these fields, Horizon offers yearly internship opportunities for carpentry students, or students in related skill sets, so that they may study under practiced craftsmen and eventually become masters themselves. Horizon has also cooperated with the Taiwan government and their training center in helping to develop future craftsman — recently, we hosted the center’s woodworking students at our shipyard, where they were able to talk first-hand with our wood masters and learn about woodworking at Horizon. We hope these efforts will inspire more students and young professionals to follow the path towards this incredible craft.