Horizon RP102 Raised Pilothouse Model Transitions from Design to Mold Stage The new Horizon RP102, the latest raised pilothouse model added to Horizon’s RP series, has just transitioned from her design phase into the mold stage.Horizon’s CNC tooling

facility utilized Taiwan’s only 5-axi router to create a 1:20 scaled mockup, that represents the RP102’s design, and this model was approved to begin the mold stage for the RP102. In the RP102’s preliminary design stages, Horizon evaluated 36 different hull shapes using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and narrowed down the options to the best hull form; that hull form was then transformed into a 3D file and the structure underwent a simulation analysis to create the final RP102 design. The RP102’s hull exhibits 25% more efficiency than a conventional planning hull between 16 – 24 knot speeds, and she has received much attention since her 3D renderings were released in early 2013. Horizon Group CEO John Lu states, “Horizon’s advanced design team worked together with renowned Dutch yacht designer Cor D. Rover in bringing the Horizon RP102 to life, and her transition to the mold stage is a big step forward in making the model a reality for our clients.” For more information on the Horizon RP102, please contact your local Horizon representative.