Horizon’s 2013 End of Year Report Shows Growth Continuing into 2014 As another year draws to a close, Horizon looks back at the various yachts we have built and delivered in 2013, and we are happy to report that this year we delivered 20 yachts and the total

length is over 1600 feet to both new and returning owners from all around the world!Owners from six countries, spread out over 3 continents, purchased yachts ranging from 56 to 115 feet from the E series, EP series, P series, PC series, and RP series. These yachts were built in a variety of styles — open bridge, skylounge, CMY – and with a number of custom features – cockpits, hi/lo swim platforms, beach clubs — taking advantage of the flexibility Horizon offers in customizing a yacht to suit the owner’s individual needs and lifestyle. Growth will continue for Horizon into 2014, with 18 yachts currently under construction from 52 to 120 feet within the E series, P series, PC series, RP series, and V series. We are extremely grateful to all the owners who chose us as their yacht builder in 2013, and we look forward to another successful year of helping our clients’ creative visions come to life with their Horizon yacht.