1. CUSTOMER Any physical person entering the COMPANY’s premises.
2. COMPANY DYNAMICBOATS DIMITRIS TZALAVRAS based in 12, Tombazi Street, Alimos and Branch of 307, Evelpidon Avenue (ex. Varis Koropiou) & Kolokotroni, Koropi.
3. VESSEL, every yacht, boat, vehicle, item with its accessories and annexes.
4. PARKING, the land deposition if the VESSELS at the COMPANY branch.
5. By joining COMPANY you declare your presence, your details and the purpose of your visit to the office and sign in to the guestbook
6. Upon entering the COMPANY, you expressly and unconditionally accept all terms of operation, parking, landfill, performance and behavior listed below that apply retroactively.
7. In any case, commercial transaction are prohibited by the CUSTOMER or through third parties within the COMPANY.
8. In the event of a sale and / or transfer during a stay in the COMPANY, the COMPANY is entitled to the legal supply.
9. Minimum time limit for PARKING is set at three months.
11. The price and the one-time charge are advanced by entering the parking space and then the monthly price on the minimum billing unit time in the first three days of each consecutive quarter until the exit.
12. THE COMPANY has no responsibility for damages losses etc in the event of fire, theft or any other risk.
13. Any kind of work or service or provision must be requested by the CUSTOMER and agreed by the COMPANY in writing at an additional charge.
14. Visits other than the CUSTOMER are prohibited.
15. In the event of a visit to the VESSEL from the CLIENT, a notice is required 1 (one) business day before.
16. Hours and days of operation of the COMPANY branch: Monday to Friday 09: 30-17: 30 excluding official holidays or force majeure.
17. The VESSEL must be insured in a recognised insurance company and the insurance policy be transferred to DYNAMIC BOATS | TZALAVRAS DIMITRIS GR. TZALAVRAS for as long as remains in our business.
18. All information declared by the CUSTOMER is true and up-to-date, and in the event of a change THE COMPANY must be notified in written within 15 days of such change.
19. CUSTOMER accepts to produce any original any document requested and necessary for the identification of this and its VESSELS.
20. Prices do not include VAT.
21. Expenses and charges that result or will result from a breach and / or non-observance of terms and agreements are entirely at the cost of the CLIENT.
22. Telephone numbers 2109656641, 6945491971, 6944315166, 6944227015, fax 2109656643, e-mail
23. Under no circumstances can the CUSTOMER be unaware of the above text as it is posted on DYNAMICBOAT’s DIMITRIS TZALAVRAS web site at and is public and available. It is also located at the office of COMPANY at its branch at 307 Evelpidon Avenue (ex. Varis Koropiou) & Kolokotroni, Koropi.
24. All of the above are considered essential, reasonable, fair and acceptable and can not be overturned.
25. COMPANY has the right to change the “INFORMATION-TERMS-DEFINITIONS-DISCLAIMER” without any warning.
26. COMPANY has the obligation to post the above in its web site at the availability of which is not under its control.
27. Email: contains information intended only for the natural or legal persons to whom it is addressed and may contain confidential information. If the reader of this email is not the intended recipient or the person responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, any dissemination, copying or any other use and / or action relying on this email is strictly prohibited. The sender is not responsible for any loss, damage or destruction of your data or your electronic system that may occur while using the data contained and / or transmitted to this email. If you have received this e-mail message by mistake please inform the sender immediately by email at and delete this e-mail to your entire system and account at your local or remote locations. The views expressed are personal unless otherwise stated.