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Welcome to Dynamic Boats Our family owned company, Dynamic Boats, was established by Dimitris Tzalavras, back on 1980. Who we are We are flexible, resilient and solid, in a word “Dynamic”. Dynamic Boats.- A family owned company.- Established in 1980 by Dimitris Tzalavras.- Made in Greece.- What we do Our strategic goal is the Happy User, to achieve that, you must be a Satisfied Owner and a Confident Operator. Sales of new and used boats and yachts.- Boat’s maintenance.- Boat’s storage and parking.- Dealerships.- How we do it Delivering our activities efficiently ensuring maximum benefits for our customers through: Our experience gained over time but always refined and enriched.- Uninterrupted hard work.- Love for boats and innovation.- Core Values Trust.- Integrity.- Sovereignty.- We are the exclusive importer and distributor of the legendary and famous Horizon Yacht, Fiart Mare for Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. We have also been the world's oldest and most long lived dealer of Fjord Boats from 1980 until 2020 and very proud to introduce and found the new era in yachts design, the vertical bow and minimal design in 2006. Have also cooperated with many prestigious shipyards from around the world - Fjord, Scand, Nordic, Skilso, Storebro, KMV, Neptunus, Elegance, Heesen-Diaship, Viksund and With - plus have been involved in the construction of Aegean Boat series. It is also a fact the in 1984 we added to our offered services portfolio apart from new and used boats and yachts sales full range of service, maintenance and parking in 8.000 sq.m. area. With Dynamic Regards

Αναπτυξιακός Νόμος 2022 Επιδότηση μέχρι 75% ΕΣΠΑ 2021-2027

ΝΕΟΣ ΑΝΑΠΤΥΞΙΑΚΟΣ ΝΟΜΟΣ Ελλάδα 2.0 / 2022 Ισχυρή Ανάπτυξη ΕΠΙΔΟΤΗΣΗ έως 80%  10.000.000 € Ελάχιστο ύψος επενδυτικών σχεδίων: Για

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Τ.Π.Π. – Τέλος Παραμονής & Πλόων

Τ.Π.Π. - Τέλος Παραμονής & Πλόων Τέλος παραμονής και πλόων (Τ.Π.Π.) πλοίων αναψυχής και μικρών σκαφών 1. Θεσπίζεται

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